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Here we will aim to highlight our supply chains.


Our Cotton


As you already know our cotton is GOTS Certified Organic Cotton, you may find the certification number for our GOTS Certified Organic Cotton on the description of the product. This will always contain the certification number of the batch so you can cross-reference with GOTS.

Our cotton will always originate from Portugal, Turkey or Germany. The world leaders in high quality fabric growth and production. Our supplier regularly visit the farms and factories to ensure they adhere to the strict social and environmental standards set out by the GOTS certification.

Our current supplier is a forerunner in the advancements of organic cotton and sustainable systems. Sitting on various councils as honorary members, leading world conferences and continuously contributing to creating new and better systems.

We always order exact quantities of stock to keep packaging and transporting costs to a minimum.

Our off-cuts are re-purposed into other garments.

Our Thread

Our thread is from one of the leading providers of organic thread, their thread is GOTS Certified and the creator was even around in the early days of the creation of the certification.

The thread is made from GOTS Certified organic cotton which is grown ethically in Egypt, and then spun into thread in Italy.

We always order exact quantities of stock to keep packaging and transporting costs to a minimum.

Certificate number:


Our Silk

Our silk products are 100% pure silk, we never use polyester/synthetic silk.

We use a special type of silk that uses a different production method where no animals are harmed or killed. Silk is made from silk moth cocoons, in traditional silk making methods they grow the silk moths in captivity and the silk moth is killed in the cocoon before it can enter metamorphosis and hatch.

The production method for our silk is starkly different, wild silk moths are bred and they allow the silk worm to go through metamorphosis and transform before harvesting their cocoon so that it can be spun into the luxurious and beautiful fabric you know as silk.

Our Manufacturer

The manufacturer for our clothing operate from the owners hometown of London. This is where all garments are cut, sewn and manufactured.

As such, our manufacturer adhere to all U.K. Modern Day Slavery acts, all working rights laws and any other applicable law as well as conscious and sustainable production.

In regards to sustainability they are committed to supporting the growth and development of the industry hence why we have chosen them. They care deeply for the environment and understand how important it is for new fashion brands and manufacturers to set an example for others.


They deliver the highest standard craftsmanship as well as ensuring there is an ethical workspace as well as ethos across all levels.

Other materials

Materials such as ribbing and elastic is also GOTS Certified and from reliable sources.

Zips are certified Oeko-Tex 100 as well as GOTS Certified, these are also from reliable and trusted suppliers.

Our buttons for items are Mother of Pearl, while being organic they are not environmentally friendly

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