A short story from the Founder of Koziko and how it started

Hey, I hope the reader is doing well. My name is Alexander but I go by Alex. I am the creator of Koziko London, a brand which I launched during the Pandemic of 2020 shortly after finishing my apprenticeship in the NHS.

I am a 23 year old who grew up in East London with my mum, brother and sister; my dad had left before I was born. Growing up I never had the chance to experience fashion as others have due to various reasons such as income, confidence, anxiety and self-esteem- of course my mum did everything to provide what she could and always bought us the nicest clothes she could afford but the realm of luxury clothing was always out of my reach and I probably wouldn’t have had the confidence to wear it anyway.

The reason I had the idea for a clothing brand is because I was being turned down constantly by modelling agencies (at this point my confidence had grew due to my experience and work in the NHS). The frustration with being turned down made me think “If modelling agencies will not see my worth I will create my own clothing, model it and make them see my worth” and that is exactly what I set out to do.

I quickly realised I could not only create my own clothing but my very own luxury clothing- the clothing which I had longed for as on top of not being able to afford luxury clothing the brands I could afford were not selling clothing that I liked or wanted, they did not use the right colours or provide enough variety and they would almost always be made very cheaply and/or with synthetic materials but growing up I had various health problems that left me with highly sensitive skin so wearing synthetic fabrics is like wearing barbed wire.

As I was researching for my brand I came across the reason for synthetic fabrics causing me problems and it was because they are full of toxic chemicals and are a type of soft plastic- who knew! This caused a lot of passion to rise up inside me as the more I researched the worse the information got- from oppression, slavery and cancer to destruction of our environment and future.

There are further personal reasons that brought on the idea for a Genderless brand but these are not details I wish to disclose at this point in time.

It is hard to tell such a complex and long story in a small segment but all of this together is what led me to create a sustainable and made to measure brand on top of providing luxury garments that are specially crafted for each individual- providing a new (or old) type of luxury.

As a final note-


A brand should enrich the life of the customer and bring them joy - in our current age profit has clouded what a luxury brand should stand for but the new age of fashion is here to change that. It is time for a revolution.

Thanks for reading,