Our Atelier

We work exclusively with a high-end ethical and sustainable Atelier based in the heart of London. Specialising in fine fabrics and complex designs as well as being one of the only Ateliers who protect and conserve the old-ways of tailoring.

Our Atelier is a short train ride from the home of the Founder of Koziko London who works to build and maintain close, long-lasting relationships with our partners.

This helps us to ensure our partners adhere to the same strict values and principles on ethical and sustainable practice in the workplace.

Zero waste

Throughout production as well as sampling there is zero wastage of off-cut material as well as any other components on any garment.

Our fabrics

At Koziko we exclusively use the finest sustainable and innovative fabrics.

All of our fabrics are sourced directly from a single specialised sustainable fabric manufacturer which we have built a very strong relationship with since launching Koziko London.

Our Silk

Our silk products are 100% pure ethical silk.

We use a special type of silk that uses a different production method where no insects are harmed or killed.

Other materials

Our thread is certified organic Egyptian cotton thread supplied from the worlds leading organic thread manufacturer.

Our elastic is certified and sourced from a reputable supplier with 20 years of history based in London, United Kingdom.

All zips are Oeko-Tex 100 certified as well as certified organic, these are supplied from United Kingdom.

Buttons used are made exclusively from Mother of Pearl, Coconut or Wood. They are sustainably sourced and supplied from United Kingdom.

Our Fusing and Batting is made from either Soya or Cotton. It is used to ensure longevity of a garment.

They are a small team based in Europe that have a passion for developing new types of beautiful and luxurious organic and sustainable fabrics.

Some of our fabrics are exclusively commissioned for Koziko London.

Our fabrics are certified organic fabrics. You may email us to find out exactly which certifications we use.

Silk is made from silk moth cocoons, in traditional silk making methods they grow the silk moths in captivity and the silk moth is killed in the cocoon before it can enter metamorphosis and hatch.

The production method for our silk is starkly different, wild silk moths are bred and they allow the silk worm to go through metamorphosis and transform before harvesting their cocoon so that it can be spun into the luxurious and beautiful fabric you know as silk.

Off-cut fabric is re-purposed into accessories such as bucket hats, belts and scarves, hats and socks. Used in conjunction with other off-cuts to create completely new garments or used as patches on garments.


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