Made to Measure


Sustainable and Conscious Consumption Strategy


Made to Measure Trading Period

The first 7 days of every month are when orders will be collected.

If you order outside of the first 7 days your order will be carried forward to the next month.

Anyone who ordered within the 7 day period will have their item put into production once it reaches the 14th day- if the 14th day falls on a weekend it will still be put into motion.

Production will then take 21 - 28 days after the 7 day period. You will be notified by email of the progress of your order once a week until your item is shipped from our Atelier in London, United Kingdom.

Due to Brexit changing the way we trade with the EU the above time may extend to 35 - 42 days.

Our Made to Measure strategy was designed by the founder of the brand due to his wish to change how we consume fashion. Currently fashion is over-consumed and destroying our planet (currently the 2nd largest polluter).


By wanting materials faster and cheaper it has caused a mass amount of unethical practice, destruction and damage to our own health, our future and the Planet.

Luxury brands have now become "Luxury Fast Fashion". Our goal is to take luxury fashion back to the core roots of what it should be, not what it currently is.

Our 'Made to Measure' strategy is simple- initial showcase samples are cut and crafted in our specialised luxury, ethical and sustainable Atelier located in the heart of London.


Our designs are then offered on a 'Made to Measure' basis- required measurements are taken at point of sale.


Alongside our exclusive Made to Measure garments some of our more desired garments will be offered in a highly limited run which means 95% of the time zero stock is stored and we are not overproducing clothing that ultimately goes to waste.

We ensure to use only the finest certified organic fabrics, ethical silk, certified sustainable materials such as Lyocell as well as sustainable leather which includes Apple and Pineapple Leather.

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Our strategy enables us to keep Koziko London garments sustainable, ethical, at the highest standard of craftsmanship and highly coveted- available to the true fashion connoisseur and environmentalist at heart.

We hope our strategy will instil the idea of conscious consumption into our customer.


Unfortunately strategies like this are needed now more than ever due to climate change reaching an unprecedented point.

We hope you understand, if you require further information please drop us an email or message us on our Instagram.

What does 'Made to Measure' mean?


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