Frequently asked questions

How do you ensure full sustainability?

To ensure full sustainability we only use certified organic or sustainable materials that come from a single source. Our Atelier has also been carefully chosen to ensure they are in line with sustainable and ethical practices as well as work at the highest standard of tailoring; they are a 40 minute train ride from the founders home. We also endeavour to partner and contribute to environmental, social and community non-profit organisations around the world. You may read more about the sustainability practices of Koziko by visiting this page.

What type of brand is Koziko London?

Koziko London is part of the new generation of fashion. THE REVOLUTION. Koziko London is new type of Haute Couture fashion- we are breaking away from the box that the industry puts every brand into and creating our own wave. Every garment uses the finest and most innovative organic, sustainable and cruelty free fabrics. Garments are offered through 3 seperate services, these are ' Haute Couture', ' Made to Order' and 'Limited Run' Haute Couture requires the individual to have measurements taken in person as well as multiple fittings. This is our highest level of service we offer and will only contain very select garments that will not be available through any other means. To order our Haute Couture items or ask any questions you may email us at Made to Order garments have set measurements that are predetermined by the owner of the brand. Individual customers will have the opportunity to choose their designated size and then the garment is made for that specific individual. These items will never be stocked in our warehouse. Limtied Run garments are carefully selected garments from our 'Made to Measure' offering that are in high demand, these garments will be made in a very limted and exclusive run and may not restock again. You may read more here and if you have any further questions you may email us at Thank you.