The Vision and Goal of Kozi.ko

To bring integrity, transparency and ethical practice back to fashion. We don't compromise!

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At Kozi.ko we believe quality of fabric, sustainability, attention to detail and transparency to the customer should be at the forefront of any business which is why we have endeavoured to provide you with the finest organic and innovatively sustainable fabrics while also equipping you with the information you need to help make the planet a better place to live.


Unfortunately in the times of today cheap and harmful material has flooded the market due its high profit margins, and short-lived benefit. Our goal is to give you thorough information about the fabrics we use and why we use them, as well as the widely used fabrics which we should all be avoiding and moving away from using in not only the world of fashion, but overall due to the impact on our own health, as well as the environment around us.

Natural, and sustainable fabrics are more expensive to buy, and have a lower profit margin but our promise to you is to never compromise on our values and vision for profit.

At Kozi.ko we also use fully recyclable packaging that is re-usable and can go in your recycling bin at the end of it's life to be re-purposed and re-used.

To find out more information about the many fabrics of today that harm you through the chemicals they release during production, and during wear please head over to our 'Fabrics' section where you can find thorough breakdowns of each common fabric and the reason we steer clear.

Our vision – To be a leader in the sustainability and organic movement through raising awareness to consumers alongside offering sustainable solutions.



Our goal – To provide uniquely designed luxury clothing that is genderless and in line with our vision; changing consumers perspective of fashion and allowing them to consciously consume thus bringing about change over time.

Our Strategy – We aim to provide up to date information through our website and social media channels on synthetic and harmful fabrics that are widely used in fashion today; consolidating scattered data into one place.


To be transparent on the fabrics and materials we use, their supply chain as well as our manufacturers supply chain.


We will continuously create and design luxurious clothing unique to the brand. Each item will be low in quantity helping us to be sustainable, protect your health and the Earth.

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