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Koziko is a movement, a statement that we want a cleaner world; a more sustainable world where equality has been reached for all and one where gender labels on clothing are a thing of the past.


We have a fully sustainable and ethical supply chain that produces the finest uniquely designed, exclusive and genderless garments using luxurious and innovative organic and sustainable fabrics.

We offer an insight into our production chain costs as well as the impact of harmful and synthetic fabrics as we wish to overturn the current system as it is failing us, our Planet and our garment workers ultimately leading to lives lived in poverty and distress so that we can have cheaper, and faster fashion.


By offering this insight we hope to allow our customer to have a further look into what an ethical and sustainable manufacturing chain looks like as well as the impact of fast fashion. Hopefully then enabling our customer to make an informed, and conscious decision when buying fashion.

Koziko garments are cut and crafted in the heart of London, United Kingdom.

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